Kids with periscopes


On Friday nights from 7.30 to 8.45 pm,  a very animated children’s club gets under way. Explorers is a lively mix of singing, crafts, some talks from the Bible, and very active games. Boredom doesn’t happen at Explorers!

The age range covers primary school age. Parents are most welcome to stay and watch what happens or just meet other parents. We may even offer you a cup of tea!


Once the children have moved into secondary school, they can join YCG. YCG stands for Youth Club of God. In YCG, there are no crafts but there are definitely snacks.

And although the snacks are different, there is a common thread with Explorers: The Bible. In YCG, the young people get into systematic study of the Bible and in-depth thought about various issues such as peer pressure, theology, and current ethical discussions.

And just like Explorers, YCG is lively! There's talk, there's some learning activities, and sometimes there's planning about future opportunities to serve. Last year, for example, the YCG helped to run a five day children's club in the summer. This is happening again this year and gives the young people a chance to develop their leadership skills.

All of our leaders are DBS checked, and we take child safety very seriously. Indeed, we have a pretty comprehensive safeguarding policy and you'd be welcome to read it.


Watch this space! Because we are not able to meet in person, the Explorers club is not able to meet. YCG continues to meet over the Zoom platform. For further information, you should ring our pastor on 07788 505539.