As of October, we now meet at Trinity Community Centre, Trinity Road, LU3 1TR.

For many years, we have been meeting at William Austin Infant School, Culverhouse Road, Luton LU3 1PZ. (Map here) This had to change when the pandemic started in the last year or so. Instead of a 11am start, we now meet from 12 noon to 1pm. 


Apart from Sundays, there are weekly or even monthly activiites.

Youth Club of God (YCG) meets on Friday nights on the Zoom platform. Start time is 7.30 and normally finishes about 8.30 or just after. This is for young people in high school and up. The group engages with the scriptures through discussion, visual activities (Where's Wally? ??), and other means. Often we pray and always we are thinking about how we should respond to God in our world.

Prayer happens over Zoom as well. Normally this is on Wednesdays at 8pm but that is subject to change depending on people's circumstances. It's best to check with us first to confirm the day and time.

Finally, there's Servants' Hearts. This is a women's meeting that happens on Saturdays. This is another Zoom driven meeting but that is helpful becasue it allows for people to attend from Luton, Hatfield, Northampton and other places. Even if you can't make it to the Sunday morning service, you would be welcome. The dates can vary so you'd best ring for details or look at our upcoming events.




Our events are focused on teaching the Bible because we believe life is meaningless without the insight and the information contained in the Christian scriptures. What's more, we do our best to make the Bible accessible. Why study something that is irrelevant or beyond all understanding?

Apart from teaching, we seek to offer worship that is meaningful and encouraging. Because we are a small fellowship, we don't have a band or a praise group but we do like to sing and enjoy having people share in the ministry of worship. This might include young people reading scripture, someone offering a poem, or a reading, or others sharing some thoughts.  All in all, we want worship to be uplifting and informative.

Dress standard? There isn't one, really. Most of our folks come smartly dressed and our pastor almost always wears a tie (that's just him!). Really, just come as you are and you will fit in.

Finally, we try to make room to enjoy each other's company. Churches ought to be extended families and we do our best to get to know people or share in their lives. That's not to say we will swamp you on your first visit. We're not going to hit you up for money or make you join the first day you turn up. We will just do our best to offer a warm welcome, a friendly atmosphere, and helpful worship experience.