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STOP PRESS AGAIN: We are homeless!

The last few years have been eventful. First to come along was the Covid pandemic and the subsequent lockdown. That meant that churches could not meet in person. As time went by, things have eased but another factor has surfaced. The current crisis in Ukraine is having a telling effect on much of society including the cost of food and energy.

We had hoped to be back in the school for public meetings but the rising cost of energy has had a knockoff effect on our meetings at William Austin Infant School. Due to financial constraints the school does not think it viable to have us back and as a result, we are now searching for a new venue.

Saying that, ministry goes on. We continue to meet on Zoom for Sunday worship, we continue to pray together, and we continue to teach the scriptures to people as needed. On top of that, Servants Hearts, our women's group continues to meet on Zoom. And finally, Pastor Stan is still doing a live sermon on Facebook. This takes place every Sunday afternoon, at 2pm UK time. These sermons are available on our website.
Location — We are now on Zoom alone until a new venue is secured

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