A Cast of Thousands

In the old film epics, there were often a number of actors who were labelled as a "cast of thousands." This was because there were too many to list in the screen credits. 

Fellowship Baptist Church is a small fellowship. And even if we were a huge congregation, our mantra would be the same: People matter more than programs. At FBC, we have had a range of activities. We have done Messy Church and it was a fun time; it was amazing how many crafts and snacks could be put together by a small team! We have attempted some tutorials with English as a second language. We have had various youth ministries but when the youth grow up, that's that!

Then there is our Friday night children's clubs. This is where we can offer some proper and age appropriate teaching for children of all ages. Children are never too young or too old to learn. You need to check out the Explorers | YCG page to learn more and also note what is happening, or not, during the current Covid outbreak.

Finally, there is our evening meeting. At one time, it was a regular event at 6.00 pm but with changing fortunes in the congregation, we now keep it pretty flexible; as the saying goes, "The situation is fluid." In other words, we offer a range of activities — and sometimes no activities at all; there are times when we need to let people have family time at home. On other nights, however, we may often meet for prayer, which is always important. We may host a special speaker for some teaching, or our pastor engages in a biblical topic.