New church sign 2

COMING UP? Watch this space!



It is fair to say that nothing is as it was. As explained elsewhere, the church is unable to meet at its former location. As a result, all meetings are on Zoom unless arranged to be in a home. 

Apart from Zoom, you access ministry by watching a Facebook Live sermon at 2pm on Sunday afternoons. This is a preaching talk as Pastor Stan speaks. Some of our people find it easier to watch Facebook than use Zoom. Interestingly, we are reaching a much wider audience with this medium. We have people watching from other parts of the world, and even from other religions. It’s easy to find us, just look up Fellowship Baptist Church Luton and look for the video to go live. 

Finally, you may want a personal contact. You can message us, do e-mail, FaceTime, WhatsApp, or Zoom. And the good old fashioned telephone call still works.

God bless you all and like the song says, “We’ll meet again —— SOMEWHERE.”